King James Version1 Chronicles2

1 Chronicles

1 These are the sons of Is­rael; Reuben, Sime­on, Levi, and Ju­dah, Is­sachar, and Ze­bu­lun, 2 Dan, Joseph, and Ben­jamin, Naph­tali, Gad, and Ash­er. 3 The sons of Ju­dah; Er, and Onan, and She­lah: which three were born unto him of the daugh­ter of Shua the Canaan­itess. And Er, the first­born of Ju­dah, was evil in the sight of the LORD; and he slew him. 4 And Tamar his daugh­ter in law bare him Pharez and Zer­ah. All the sons of Ju­dah were five. 5 The sons of Pharez; Hezron, and Hamul. 6 And the sons of Zer­ah; Zim­ri, and Ethan, and He­man, and Cal­col, and Dara: five of them in all. 7 And the sons of Car­mi; Achar, the trou­bler of Is­rael, who trans­gressed in the thing ac­cursed. 8 And the sons of Ethan; Azari­ah. 9 The sons also of Hezron, that were born unto him; Jer­ah­meel, and Ram, and Chelubai. 10 And Ram be­gat Am­mi­nadab; and Am­mi­nadab be­gat Nahshon, prince of the chil­dren of Ju­dah; 11 And Nahshon be­gat Salma, and Salma be­gat Boaz, 12 And Boaz be­gat Obed, and Obed be­gat Jesse, 13 And Jesse be­gat his first­born Eliab, and Abi­nadab the sec­ond, and Shim­ma the third, 14 Netha­neel the fourth, Rad­dai the fifth, 15 Ozem the sixth, David the sev­enth: 16 Whose sis­ters were Zeruiah, and Abi­gail. And the sons of Zeruiah; Abishai, and Joab, and Asa­hel, three. 17 And Abi­gail bare Amasa: and the fa­ther of Amasa was Jether the Ish­meel­ite. 18 And Caleb the son of Hezron be­gat children of Azubah his wife, and of Je­rio­th: her sons are these; Jesh­er, and Shobab, and Ar­don. 19 And when Azubah was dead, Caleb took unto him Ephrath, which bare him Hur. 20 And Hur be­gat Uri, and Uri be­gat Beza­leel. 21 And af­ter­ward Hezron went in to the daugh­ter of Machir the fa­ther of Gilead, whom he mar­ried when he was three­score years old; and she bare him Segub. 22 And Segub be­gat Jair, who had three and twen­ty cities in the land of Gilead. 23 And he took Geshur, and Aram, with the towns of Jair, from them, with Ke­nath, and the towns there­of, even three­score cities. All these ­be­longed to the sons of Machir the fa­ther of Gilead. 24 And af­ter that Hezron was dead in Cale­bephratah, then Abi­ah Hezron's wife bare him Ashur the fa­ther of Tekoa. 25 And the sons of Jer­ah­meel the first­born of Hezron were, Ram the first­born, and Bunah, and Oren, and Ozem, and Ahi­jah. 26 Jer­ah­meel had also an­oth­er wife, whose name was Atarah; she was the moth­er of On­am. 27 And the sons of Ram the first­born of Jer­ah­meel were, Maaz, and Jamin, and Ek­er. 28 And the sons of Onam were, Sham­mai, and Ja­da. And the sons of Sham­mai; Nadab, and Abishur. 29 And the name of the wife of Abishur was Abi­hail, and she bare him Ah­ban, and Mol­id. 30 And the sons of Nadab; Seled, and Ap­paim: but Seled died with­out chil­dren. 31 And the sons of Ap­paim; Ishi. And the sons of Ishi; She­shan. And the chil­dren of She­shan; Ahlai. 32 And the sons of Jada the broth­er of Sham­mai; Jether, and Jonathan: and Jether died with­out chil­dren. 33 And the sons of Jonathan; Peleth, and Za­za. These were the sons of Jer­ah­meel. 34 Now She­shan had no sons, but daugh­ters. And She­shan had a ser­vant, an Egyp­tian, whose name was Jarha. 35 And She­shan gave his daugh­ter to Jarha his ser­vant to wife; and she bare him At­tai. 36 And At­tai be­gat Nathan, and Nathan be­gat Zabad, 37 And Zabad be­gat Ephlal, and Ephlal be­gat Obed, 38 And Obed be­gat Je­hu, and Jehu be­gat Azari­ah, 39 And Azari­ah be­gat Helez, and Helez be­gat Eleasah, 40 And Eleasah be­gat Sisamai, and Sisamai be­gat Shal­lum, 41 And Shal­lum be­gat Jekami­ah, and Jekami­ah be­gat El­ishama. 42 Now the sons of Caleb the broth­er of Jer­ah­meel were, Me­sha his first­born, which was the fa­ther of Ziph; and the sons of Mare­shah the fa­ther of He­bron. 43 And the sons of He­bron; Ko­rah, and Tap­puah, and Rekem, and She­ma. 44 And She­ma be­gat Ra­ham, the fa­ther of Jorkoam: and Rekem be­gat Sham­mai. 45 And the son of Sham­mai was Maon: and Maon was the fa­ther of Bethzur. 46 And Ephah, Caleb's con­cu­bine, bare Ha­ran, and Moza, and Gazez: and Ha­ran be­gat Gazez. 47 And the sons of Jah­dai; Regem, and Jotham, and Ge­shan, and Pelet, and Ephah, and Shaaph. 48 Maachah, Caleb's con­cu­bine, bare She­ber, and Tirhanah. 49 She bare also Shaaph the fa­ther of Mad­man­nah, She­va the fa­ther of Mach­be­nah, and the fa­ther of Gibea: and the daugh­ter of Caleb was Achsah. 50 These were the sons of Caleb the son of Hur, the first­born of Ephratah; Shobal the fa­ther of Kir­jath­jearim, 51 Salma the fa­ther of Beth­le­hem, Hareph the fa­ther of Beth­gad­er. 52 And Shobal the fa­ther of Kir­jath­jearim had sons; Haroeh, and half of the Man­a­hethites. 53 And the fam­i­lies of Kir­jath­jearim; the Ithrites, and the Puhites, and the Shu­math­ites, and the Mishraites; of them came the Zareath­ites, and the Es­h­taulites. 54 The sons of Salma; Beth­le­hem, and the Ne­tophathites, Ataroth, the house of Joab, and half of the Man­a­hethites, the Zorites. 55 And the fam­i­lies of the scribes which dwelt at Jabez; the Tirathites, the Shimeath­ites, and Suchathites. These are the Ken­ites that came of Hemath, the fa­ther of the house of Rechab.