King James Version1 Chronicles9

1 Chronicles

1 So all Is­rael were reck­oned by ge­nealo­gies; and, be­hold, they were writ­ten in the book of the kings of Is­rael and Ju­dah, who were car­ried away to Baby­lon for their trans­gres­sion. 2 Now the first in­hab­i­tants that dwelt in their pos­ses­sions in their cities were, the Is­raelites, the priests, Levites, and the Nethin­ims. 3 And in Jerusalem dwelt of the chil­dren of Ju­dah, and of the chil­dren of Ben­jamin, and of the chil­dren of Ephraim, and Man­asseh; 4 Uthai the son of Am­mi­hud, the son of Om­ri, the son of Im­ri, the son of Bani, of the chil­dren of Pharez the son of Ju­dah. 5 And of the Shilonites; Asa­iah the first­born, and his sons. 6 And of the sons of Zer­ah; Jeuel, and their brethren, six hun­dred and nine­ty. 7 And of the sons of Ben­jamin; Sal­lu the son of Meshul­lam, the son of Ho­davi­ah, the son of Hasen­u­ah, 8 And Ib­neiah the son of Jero­ham, and Elah the son of Uzzi, the son of Michri, and Meshul­lam the son of Shep­hathi­ah, the son of Reuel, the son of Ib­ni­jah; 9 And their brethren, ac­cord­ing to their gen­er­a­tions, nine hun­dred and fifty and six. All these men were chief of the fa­thers in the house of their fa­thers. 10 And of the priests; Jeda­iah, and Je­hoiarib, and Jachin, 11 And Azari­ah the son of Hilki­ah, the son of Meshul­lam, the son of Zadok, the son of Meraio­th, the son of Ahi­tub, the ruler of the house of God; 12 And Ada­iah the son of Jero­ham, the son of Pashur, the son of Malchi­jah, and Maasi­ai the son of Adiel, the son of Jahz­er­ah, the son of Meshul­lam, the son of Meshillemith, the son of Im­mer; 13 And their brethren, heads of the house of their fa­thers, a thou­sand and sev­en hun­dred and three­score; very able men for the work of the ser­vice of the house of God. 14 And of the Levites; She­ma­iah the son of Has­shub, the son of Azrikam, the son of Hashabi­ah, of the sons of Mer­ari; 15 And Bak­bakkar, Heresh, and Galal, and Mat­ta­ni­ah the son of Mic­ah, the son of Zichri, the son of As­aph; 16 And Oba­di­ah the son of She­ma­iah, the son of Galal, the son of Je­duthun, and Berechi­ah the son of Asa, the son of Elka­nah, that dwelt in the vil­lages of the Ne­tophathites. 17 And the porters were, Shal­lum, and Akkub, and Tal­mon, and Ahi­man, and their brethren: Shal­lum was the chief; 18 Who hith­er­to waited in the king's gate east­ward: they were porters in the com­pa­nies of the chil­dren of Levi. 19 And Shal­lum the son of Ko­re, the son of Ebi­as­aph, the son of Ko­rah, and his brethren, of the house of his fa­ther, the Ko­rahites, were over the work of the ser­vice, keep­ers of the gates of the taber­na­cle: and their fa­thers, being over the host of the LORD, were keep­ers of the en­try. 20 And Phine­has the son of Eleazar was the ruler over them in time past, and the LORD was with him. 21 And Zechari­ah the son of Meshelemi­ah was porter of the door of the taber­na­cle of the con­gre­ga­tion. 22 All these which were cho­sen to be porters in the gates were two hun­dred and twelve. These were reck­oned by their ge­neal­o­gy in their vil­lages, whom David and Samuel the seer did or­dain in their set of­fice. 23 So they and their chil­dren had the over­sight of the gates of the house of the LORD, namely, the house of the taber­na­cle, by wards. 24 In four quar­ters were the porters, to­ward the east, west, north, and south. 25 And their brethren, which were in their vil­lages, were to come af­ter sev­en days from time to time with them. 26 For these Levites, the four chief porters, were in their set of­fice, and were over the cham­bers and trea­suries of the house of God. 27 And they lodged round about the house of God, be­cause the charge was upon them, and the open­ing there­of ev­ery morn­ing pertained to them. 28 And certain of them had the charge of the min­is­ter­ing ves­sels, that they should bring them in and out by tale. 29 Some of them also were ap­point­ed to over­see the ves­sels, and all the in­stru­ments of the sanc­tu­ary, and the fine flour, and the wine, and the oil, and the frank­in­cense, and the spices. 30 And some of the sons of the priests made the oint­ment of the spices. 31 And Mat­tithi­ah, one of the Levites, who was the first­born of Shal­lum the Ko­rahite, had the set of­fice over the things that were made in the pans. 32 And other of their brethren, of the sons of the Ko­hathites, were over the shew­bread, to pre­pare it ev­ery sab­bath. 33 And these are the singers, chief of the fa­thers of the Levites, who remaining in the cham­bers were free: for they were em­ployed in that work day and night. 34 These chief fa­thers of the Levites were chief through­out their gen­er­a­tions; these dwelt at Jerusalem. 35 And in Gibeon dwelt the fa­ther of Gibeon, Je­hiel, whose wife's name was Maachah: 36 And his first­born son Ab­don, then Zur, and Kish, and Baal, and Ner, and Nadab, 37 And Gedor, and Ahio, and Zechari­ah, and Mik­loth. 38 And Mik­loth be­gat Shimeam. And they also dwelt with their brethren at Jerusalem, over against their brethren. 39 And Ner be­gat Kish; and Kish be­gat Saul; and Saul be­gat Jonathan, and Malchishua, and Abi­nadab, and Es­h­baal. 40 And the son of Jonathan was Merib­baal: and Merib­baal be­gat Mic­ah. 41 And the sons of Mic­ah were, Pithon, and Melech, and Tahrea, and Ahaz. 42 And Ahaz be­gat Jarah; and Jarah be­gat Alemeth, and Az­maveth, and Zim­ri; and Zim­ri be­gat Moza; 43 And Moza be­gat Binea; and Repha­iah his son, Eleasah his son, Azel his son. 44 And Azel had six sons, whose names are these, Azrikam, Bocheru, and Ish­mael, and Sheari­ah, and Oba­di­ah, and Hanan: these were the sons of Azel.