King James VersionJoshua18


1 And the whole con­gre­ga­tion of the chil­dren of Is­rael as­sem­bled to­geth­er at Shiloh, and set up the taber­na­cle of the con­gre­ga­tion there. And the land was sub­dued be­fore them. 2 And there re­mained among the chil­dren of Is­rael sev­en tribes, which had not yet re­ceived their in­her­i­tance. 3 And Joshua said unto the chil­dren of Is­rael, How long are ye slack to go to pos­sess the land, which the LORD God of your fa­thers hath giv­en you? 4 Give out from among you three men for each tribe: and I will send them, and they shall rise, and go through the land, and de­scribe it ac­cord­ing to the in­her­i­tance of them; and they shall come again to me. 5 And they shall di­vide it into sev­en parts: Ju­dah shall abide in their coast on the south, and the house of Joseph shall abide in their coasts on the north. 6 Ye shall there­fore de­scribe the land into sev­en parts, and bring the description hith­er to me, that I may cast lots for you here be­fore the LORD our God. 7 But the Levites have no part among you; for the priest­hood of the LORD is their in­her­i­tance: and Gad, and Reuben, and half the tribe of Man­asseh, have re­ceived their in­her­i­tance be­yond Jor­dan on the east, which Moses the ser­vant of the LORD gave them. 8 And the men arose, and went away: and Joshua charged them that went to de­scribe the land, say­ing, Go and walk through the land, and de­scribe it, and come again to me, that I may here cast lots for you be­fore the LORD in Shiloh. 9 And the men went and passed through the land, and de­scribed it by cities into sev­en parts in a book, and came again to Joshua to the host at Shiloh. 10 And Joshua cast lots for them in Shiloh be­fore the LORD: and there Joshua di­vid­ed the land unto the chil­dren of Is­rael ac­cord­ing to their di­vi­sions. 11 And the lot of the tribe of the chil­dren of Ben­jamin came up ac­cord­ing to their fam­i­lies: and the coast of their lot came forth be­tween the chil­dren of Ju­dah and the chil­dren of Joseph. 12 And their bor­der on the north side was from Jor­dan; and the bor­der went up to the side of Jeri­cho on the north side, and went up through the moun­tains west­ward; and the go­ings out there­of were at the wilder­ness of Bethaven. 13 And the bor­der went over from thence to­ward Luz, to the side of Luz, which is Bethel, south­ward; and the bor­der de­scend­ed to Atarothadar, near the hill that lieth on the south side of the nether Beth­horon. 14 And the bor­der was drawn thence, and com­passed the cor­ner of the sea south­ward, from the hill that lieth be­fore Beth­horon south­ward; and the go­ings out there­of were at Kir­jath­baal, which is Kir­jath­jearim, a city of the chil­dren of Ju­dah: this was the west quar­ter. 15 And the south quar­ter was from the end of Kir­jath­jearim, and the bor­der went out on the west, and went out to the well of wa­ters of Neph­toah: 16 And the bor­der came down to the end of the moun­tain that lieth be­fore the val­ley of the son of Hin­nom, and which is in the val­ley of the gi­ants on the north, and de­scend­ed to the val­ley of Hin­nom, to the side of Je­busi on the south, and de­scend­ed to En­ro­gel, 17 And was drawn from the north, and went forth to En­shemesh, and went forth to­ward Geliloth, which is over against the go­ing up of Ad­um­mim, and de­scend­ed to the stone of Bo­han the son of Reuben, 18 And passed along to­ward the side over against Arabah north­ward, and went down unto Arabah: 19 And the bor­der passed along to the side of Beth­hoglah north­ward: and the out­go­ings of the bor­der were at the north bay of the salt sea at the south end of Jor­dan: this was the south coast. 20 And Jor­dan was the bor­der of it on the east side. This was the in­her­i­tance of the chil­dren of Ben­jamin, by the coasts there­of round about, ac­cord­ing to their fam­i­lies. 21 Now the cities of the tribe of the chil­dren of Ben­jamin ac­cord­ing to their fam­i­lies were Jeri­cho, and Beth­hoglah, and the val­ley of Kez­iz, 22 And Betharabah, and Ze­maraim, and Bethel, 23 And Avim, and Parah, and Ophrah, 24 And Chep­harhaam­mon­ai, and Oph­ni, and Ga­ba; twelve cities with their vil­lages: 25 Gibeon, and Ramah, and Beeroth, 26 And Mizpeh, and Chep­hi­rah, and Mozah, 27 And Rekem, and Ir­peel, and Taralah, 28 And Ze­lah, Eleph, and Je­busi, which is Jerusalem, Gibeath, and Kir­jath; four­teen cities with their vil­lages. This is the in­her­i­tance of the chil­dren of Ben­jamin ac­cord­ing to their fam­i­lies.