King James VersionJoshua17


1 There was also a lot for the tribe of Man­asseh; for he was the first­born of Joseph; ­to wit, for Machir the first­born of Man­asseh, the fa­ther of Gilead: be­cause he was a man of war, there­fore he had Gilead and Bashan. 2 There was also a lot for the rest of the chil­dren of Man­asseh by their fam­i­lies; for the chil­dren of Abiez­er, and for the chil­dren of Helek, and for the chil­dren of As­riel, and for the chil­dren of Shechem, and for the chil­dren of Hep­her, and for the chil­dren of Shemi­da: these were the male chil­dren of Man­asseh the son of Joseph by their fam­i­lies. 3 But Zelophe­had, the son of Hep­her, the son of Gilead, the son of Machir, the son of Man­asseh, had no sons, but daugh­ters: and these are the names of his daugh­ters, Mahlah, and Noah, Hoglah, Milc­ah, and Tirzah. 4 And they came near be­fore Eleazar the priest, and be­fore Joshua the son of Nun, and be­fore the princes, say­ing, The LORD com­mand­ed Moses to give us an in­her­i­tance among our brethren. There­fore ac­cord­ing to the com­mand­ment of the LORD he gave them an in­her­i­tance among the brethren of their fa­ther. 5 And there fell ten por­tions to Man­asseh, be­side the land of Gilead and Bashan, which were on the oth­er side Jor­dan; 6 Be­cause the daugh­ters of Man­asseh had an in­her­i­tance among his sons: and the rest of Manasseh's sons had the land of Gilead. 7 And the coast of Man­asseh was from Ash­er to Mich­methah, that lieth be­fore Shechem; and the bor­der went along on the right hand unto the in­hab­i­tants of En­tap­puah. 8 Now Man­asseh had the land of Tap­puah: but Tap­puah on the bor­der of Man­asseh belonged to the chil­dren of Ephraim; 9 And the coast de­scend­ed unto the riv­er Kanah, south­ward of the riv­er: these cities of Ephraim are among the cities of Man­asseh: the coast of Man­asseh also was on the north side of the riv­er, and the out­go­ings of it were at the sea: 10 South­ward it was Ephraim's, and north­ward it was Manasseh's, and the sea is his bor­der; and they met to­geth­er in Ash­er on the north, and in Is­sachar on the east. 11 And Man­asseh had in Is­sachar and in Ash­er Bethshean and her towns, and Ibleam and her towns, and the in­hab­i­tants of Dor and her towns, and the in­hab­i­tants of En­dor and her towns, and the in­hab­i­tants of Taanach and her towns, and the in­hab­i­tants of Megid­do and her towns, even three coun­tries. 12 Yet the chil­dren of Man­asseh could not drive out the in­hab­i­tants of those cities; but the Canaan­ites would dwell in that land. 13 Yet it came to pass, when the chil­dren of Is­rael were wax­en strong, that they put the Canaan­ites to trib­ute; but did not ut­ter­ly drive them out. 14 And the chil­dren of Joseph spake unto Joshua, say­ing, Why hast thou giv­en me but one lot and one por­tion to in­her­it, see­ing I am a great peo­ple, foras­much as the LORD hath blessed me hith­er­to? 15 And Joshua an­swered them, If thou be a great peo­ple, then get thee up to the wood country, and cut down for thy­self there in the land of the Per­izzites and of the gi­ants, if mount Ephraim be too nar­row for thee. 16 And the chil­dren of Joseph said, The hill is not enough for us: and all the Canaan­ites that dwell in the land of the val­ley have char­i­ots of iron, both they who are of Bethshean and her towns, and they who are of the val­ley of Jezreel. 17 And Joshua spake unto the house of Joseph, even to Ephraim and to Man­asseh, say­ing, Thou art a great peo­ple, and hast great pow­er: thou shalt not have one lot only: 18 But the moun­tain shall be thine; for it is a wood, and thou shalt cut it down: and the out­go­ings of it shall be thine: for thou shalt drive out the Canaan­ites, though they have iron char­i­ots, and though they be strong.