King James VersionDaniel10


1 In the third year of Cyrus king of Per­sia a thing was re­vealed unto Daniel, whose name was called Bel­te­s­haz­zar; and the thing was true, but the time ap­point­ed was long: and he un­der­stood the thing, and had un­der­stand­ing of the vi­sion. 2 In those days I Daniel was mourn­ing three full weeks. 3 I ate no pleas­ant bread, nei­ther came flesh nor wine in my mouth, nei­ther did I anoint my­self at all, till three whole weeks were ful­filled. 4 And in the four and twen­ti­eth day of the first month, as I was by the side of the great riv­er, which is Hid­dekel; 5 Then I lift­ed up mine eyes, and looked, and be­hold a cer­tain man clothed in linen, whose loins were gird­ed with fine gold of Up­haz: 6 His body also was like the beryl, and his face as the ap­pear­ance of light­ning, and his eyes as lamps of fire, and his arms and his feet like in colour to pol­ished brass, and the voice of his words like the voice of a mul­ti­tude. 7 And I Daniel alone saw the vi­sion: for the men that were with me saw not the vi­sion; but a great quak­ing fell upon them, so that they fled to hide them­selves. 8 There­fore I was left alone, and saw this great vi­sion, and there re­mained no strength in me: for my come­li­ness was turned in me into cor­rup­tion, and I re­tained no strength. 9 Yet heard I the voice of his words: and when I heard the voice of his words, then was I in a deep sleep on my face, and my face to­ward the ground. 10 And, be­hold, an hand touched me, which set me upon my knees and upon the palms of my hands. 11 And he said unto me, O Daniel, a man great­ly beloved, un­der­stand the words that I speak unto thee, and stand up­right: for unto thee am I now sent. And when he had spo­ken this word unto me, I stood trem­bling. 12 Then said he unto me, Fear not, Daniel: for from the first day that thou didst set thine heart to un­der­stand, and to chas­ten thy­self be­fore thy God, thy words were heard, and I am come for thy words. 13 But the prince of the king­dom of Per­sia with­stood me one and twen­ty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I re­mained there with the kings of Per­sia. 14 Now I am come to make thee un­der­stand what shall be­fall thy peo­ple in the lat­ter days: for yet the vi­sion is for many days. 15 And when he had spo­ken such words unto me, I set my face to­ward the ground, and I be­came dumb. 16 And, be­hold, one like the simil­i­tude of the sons of men touched my lips: then I opened my mouth, and spake, and said unto him that stood be­fore me, O my lord, by the vi­sion my sor­rows are turned upon me, and I have re­tained no strength. 17 For how can the ser­vant of this my lord talk with this my lord? for as for me, straight­way there re­mained no strength in me, nei­ther is there breath left in me. 18 Then there came again and touched me one like the ap­pear­ance of a man, and he strength­ened me, 19 And said, O man great­ly beloved, fear not: peace be unto thee, be strong, yea, be strong. And when he had spo­ken unto me, I was strength­ened, and said, Let my lord speak; for thou hast strength­ened me. 20 Then said he, Know­est thou where­fore I come unto thee? and now will I re­turn to fight with the prince of Per­sia: and when I am gone forth, lo, the prince of Gre­cia shall come. 21 But I will shew thee that which is not­ed in the scrip­ture of truth: and there is none that hold­eth with me in these things, but Michael your prince.