King James Version2 Kings25

2 Kings

1 And it came to pass in the ninth year of his reign, in the tenth month, in the tenth day of the month, that Neb­uchad­nez­zar king of Baby­lon came, he, and all his host, against Jerusalem, and pitched against it; and they built forts against it round about. 2 And the city was be­sieged unto the eleventh year of king Zedeki­ah. 3 And on the ninth day of the fourth month the famine pre­vailed in the city, and there was no bread for the peo­ple of the land. 4 And the city was bro­ken up, and all the men of war fled by night by the way of the gate be­tween two walls, which is by the king's gar­den: (now the Chaldees were against the city round about: ) and the king went the way to­ward the plain. 5 And the army of the Chaldees pur­sued af­ter the king, and over­took him in the plains of Jeri­cho: and all his army were scat­tered from him. 6 So they took the king, and brought him up to the king of Baby­lon to Ri­blah; and they gave judg­ment upon him. 7 And they slew the sons of Zedeki­ah be­fore his eyes, and put out the eyes of Zedeki­ah, and bound him with fet­ters of brass, and car­ried him to Baby­lon. 8 And in the fifth month, on the sev­enth day of the month, which is the nine­teenth year of king Neb­uchad­nez­zar king of Baby­lon, came Neb­uzaradan, cap­tain of the guard, a ser­vant of the king of Baby­lon, unto Jerusalem: 9 And he burnt the house of the LORD, and the king's house, and all the hous­es of Jerusalem, and ev­ery great man's house burnt he with fire. 10 And all the army of the Chaldees, that were with the cap­tain of the guard, brake down the walls of Jerusalem round about. 11 Now the rest of the peo­ple that were left in the city, and the fugi­tives that fell away to the king of Baby­lon, with the rem­nant of the mul­ti­tude, did Neb­uzaradan the cap­tain of the guard car­ry away. 12 But the cap­tain of the guard left of the poor of the land ­to be vine­dressers and hus­band­men. 13 And the pil­lars of brass that were in the house of the LORD, and the bases, and the brasen sea that was in the house of the LORD, did the Chaldees break in pieces, and car­ried the brass of them to Baby­lon. 14 And the pots, and the shov­els, and the snuffers, and the spoons, and all the ves­sels of brass where­with they min­is­tered, took they away. 15 And the firepans, and the bowls, and such things as were of gold, in gold, and of sil­ver, in sil­ver, the cap­tain of the guard took away. 16 The two pil­lars, one sea, and the bases which Solomon had made for the house of the LORD; the brass of all these ves­sels was with­out weight. 17 The height of the one pil­lar was eigh­teen cu­bits, and the chapiter upon it was brass: and the height of the chapiter three cu­bits; and the wrea­then work, and pomegranates upon the chapiter round about, all of brass: and like unto these had the sec­ond pil­lar with wrea­then work. 18 And the cap­tain of the guard took Sera­iah the chief priest, and Zepha­ni­ah the sec­ond priest, and the three keep­ers of the door: 19 And out of the city he took an of­fi­cer that was set over the men of war, and five men of them that were in the king's pres­ence, which were found in the city, and the prin­ci­pal scribe of the host, which mus­tered the peo­ple of the land, and three­score men of the peo­ple of the land that were found in the city: 20 And Neb­uzaradan cap­tain of the guard took these, and brought them to the king of Baby­lon to Ri­blah: 21 And the king of Baby­lon smote them, and slew them at Ri­blah in the land of Hamath. So Ju­dah was car­ried away out of their land. 22 And as for the peo­ple that re­mained in the land of Ju­dah, whom Neb­uchad­nez­zar king of Baby­lon had left, even over them he made Gedali­ah the son of Ahikam, the son of Shaphan, ruler. 23 And when all the cap­tains of the armies, they and their men, heard that the king of Baby­lon had made Gedali­ah gov­er­nor, there came to Gedali­ah to Miz­pah, even Ish­mael the son of Netha­ni­ah, and Jo­hanan the son of Careah, and Sera­iah the son of Tan­humeth the Ne­tophathite, and Jaaza­ni­ah the son of a Maachathite, they and their men. 24 And Gedali­ah sware to them, and to their men, and said unto them, Fear not to be the ser­vants of the Chaldees: dwell in the land, and serve the king of Baby­lon; and it shall be well with you. 25 But it came to pass in the sev­enth month, that Ish­mael the son of Netha­ni­ah, the son of El­ishama, of the seed roy­al, came, and ten men with him, and smote Gedali­ah, that he died, and the Jews and the Chaldees that were with him at Miz­pah. 26 And all the peo­ple, both small and great, and the cap­tains of the armies, arose, and came to Egypt: for they were afraid of the Chaldees. 27 And it came to pass in the sev­en and thir­ti­eth year of the cap­tiv­i­ty of Je­hoiachin king of Ju­dah, in the twelfth month, on the sev­en and twen­ti­eth day of the month, that Evilmero­dach king of Baby­lon in the year that he be­gan to reign did lift up the head of Je­hoiachin king of Ju­dah out of prison; 28 And he spake kind­ly to him, and set his throne above the throne of the kings that were with him in Baby­lon; 29 And changed his prison gar­ments: and he did eat bread con­tin­u­al­ly be­fore him all the days of his life. 30 And his al­lowance was a con­tin­u­al al­lowance giv­en him of the king, a dai­ly rate for ev­ery day, all the days of his life.